Game Programmer
    Stockholm - Singapore

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    Meticulous, determined and resilient.

    I have been in the design, marketing and events industry since 2008, before a career switch in 2020 to pursue game programming.

    Throughout my education in game programming, I specifically enjoyed working on physics, mathematics and logic-based systems. And with each project came the satisfaction of multiple individuals, departments and components working together to make a complete product.


    Outside of school and work, I am a gaming enthusiast with a love for travel, good coffee & great beer.

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    2022 Individual Summer Project
    School Of Concepts & Forsbergs Skola 


    In partnership with School Of Concepts. A mobile game for young children which teaches them basic English skills in a fun and interactive way.

    Follow the adventures of Ollie, Chloe and Drew and help them along ontheir journey. The game features the letters A to G in a series of interactive stories and numerous minigames.

    Role: Programmer

    Platform: Android, WebGL & soon iOS
    Engine: Unity

    Language: C#


    Worked with an education company to develop a mobile game with Unity that teaches young children basic English skills with storytelling
    and interactive experiences. The game currently has 7 levels filled with 2D animations, voiceovers and 20 mini-games ranging from drag-drop
    puzzles, memory testers, quizzes and reflex games.


    Utilized efficient asset management techniques for performance enhancement and the broker
    pattern to handle progression, assistance and sound.

    Google Play:
    Discovery Play Demo: FREE
    Discovery Play A to G: Christmas 2022

    Apple App Store:
    Discovery Play Demo: December 2022

    Discovery Play A to G: Christmas 2022

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    2022 Summer Group Project
    Forsbergs Skola 


    Prepare for the next evolution of gardening!


    In the real world, you grow fruit & vegetables for food. But in the world of "Garden Gambit" you grow them to become ruthless, brutal, and fearless plant gladiators with different looks and personalities.


    Take care of your harvest, build your plant team, and face them off against even meaner opponents!

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    Role: Gameplay Programmer

    Platform: Windows
    Engine: Unity

    Language: C#


    Developed a mobile card game for the Android platform using Unity in a multi-discipline team. The game features cards of various attributes that can be obtained from seeds, upgraded by means of fusion and brought to battle.


    Responsible for the combat, physics, mathematics and sound components of the game while utilizing broker and executor patterns, and its deployment to production on Google Playstore.

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    Kulturnatt Stockholm
    Forsbergs Skola


    Raise an arm, sway from side to side, maybe start dancing. The beat increases, the lights brighten, the colors intensify. The room changes, it reacts to you. A combination of motion-capture; music, light, sound and video manipulation creates a fully-immersive and interactive experience with you controlling the environment with your every movement. Create a serene meditative landscape or start a party, the choice is yours to make.

    Role: Product Owner & Programmer

    Platform: In-Person Augmented Reality
    Engine: TouchDesigner

    Language: Visual Scripting & Python


    Conceptualized and executed an interactive, audio-visual experience using motion-detection to create an augmented reality where guests can affect music, sound and visuals using their own body as a controller.


    With a team of 2 sound engineers, built a system consisting of an Xbox Kinect sensor, a computer running TouchDesigner and an audio modulation system. The system was programmed to track light sources, the positions of each person and their skeletal points, giving us data that we used to modulate music, sound and visuals.


    A lighter iteration of this program was used to create procedurally-generated audio-reactive visuals for a school party.

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    2021 Winter Group Project
    Forsbergs Skola


    In the land of Ythramar, in the dwarf town of Furukheim, an experiment with the intention of making dwarfs taller has gone terribly wrong. Furukheim is swarming with skinless enemies, killing every dwarf in their path. Most of our kind have already been slain. Those of us who survived have fled up to the Ikueruk Mountains long ago...


    The only dwarf left to save the world of Ythramar seems to be you … Dorouka!


    Role: Lead Programmer

    Platform: Windows
    Engine: Unity

    Language: C#


    The Tallest Dwarf In The World features 5 levels of unique environments, enemies and collectables. With leveling, abilities, scalable difficulty and inventory, this game tells a story of finding one's true height.


    Developed the movement, combat, enemy, levling and ability systems using scriptable objects to store and hold data. Implemented contextual sound effects and music with Unity-FMOD integration.